Recently Completed Projects

MusicNet East – from November 2015 to May 2016 I assisted in the management of a Youth Music funded programme being delivered by a partnership of music hubs in the East of England – Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex.  The role (covering for the programme manager who was on long term sick leave) included setting up reporting processes, chairing partnership team meetings and specific management of a research project on diversity.

Suffolk Music Service – in March/April 2016 I carried out a review of the Suffolk Celebration of Schools Music for the music service and its partner Aldeburgh Music.

Choir of the Year – from October 2014 to January 2015 I carried out a review of the relationship between Choir of the Year and Music Education Hubs.  The role included running consultation sessions and one-to-one interviews, and resulted in a report with recommendations for the organisation.

Music Publishers Association – from February 2013 to March 2014, I managed the newly created Graduate Certificate in Editorial and Production.

Sing Up  – Sing Up is the National Singing Programme funded by government and run by a consortium – Youth Music, Faber Music and The Sage Gateshead.  Over the last five years it has run a campaign, developed resources, trained teachers, other adults and young people and run projects to get more primary school children singing.  The funding came following research which I facilitated on behalf of Youth Music in 2005/6 for the Music Manifesto and subsequent lobbying to government.  In January 2007 Howard Goodall was appointed to be the National Singing Ambassador and he then asked me to support him and government as the programme was set up.  Since the appointment of the consortium, I continued to support Howard and government as well as the Sing Up consortium and staff in the role as Singing Ambassador's Delegate.  With nearly 100% of primary schools engaged with the programme, over 400 songs in a songbank and thousands of teachers, adults and young people trained it has been a real success!  So much so that the programme was given a one-year transitional settlement from the Department for Education to continue into the 2011/12 financial year.  This funding has been used to embed existing work and to develop a more sustainable future from April 2012.  On 31st March 2011 Howard stepped down as National Singing Ambassador and therefore my role as his 'Delegate' ended, however the Sing Up consortium asked me to continue to support the staff team and from April 2011 to May 2012 I worked on a number of discrete projects as well as taking on the role of Development Manager Accessible Learning and Secondary – which included producing and implementing a strategy to extend Sing Up's work into secondary schools.  I continued to act as a Sing Up Awards Endorser for the programme until December 2013.

Association of British Choral Directors – In January 2014 I facilitated a meeting of the association's members to help them in developing a new five-year plan.  Working closely with the board and staff, I created a programme which would allow for valuable discussion and debate on various topics, ensuring that conversation was focused, but allowed everyone to have the opportunity to contribute.

Music for Youth  – Acting as the Project Manager for Out of Essex – a project providing vocal workshops to create a set of cluster choirs that will come together for a massed choir performance at the Schools Proms in November 2013.  The work included coordinating workshop activity in schools in the summer term of 2013 with a team of vocal specialists and setting up a complex schedule to rehearse and bring together a 600-strong choir for a performance at one of Music for Youth's annual concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.

Howard Goodall – Following the development of his new website, Howard asked me to populate the site with content and then manage the ongoing updates.  The work included writing news stories, posting events and developing new pages linked to new compositions, recordings or programmes.  I also kept a record of website visitor numbers through Google Analytics.

Surrey Arts – Working on the development and implementation of a vocal strategy for the Surrey Music Hub.  From October to December 2012 the work involved consulting key contacts in the county to research existing activity and, through identifying gaps in provision and training opportunities, writing a Vocal Strategy for the county.  From January until May 2013 I was the acting Vocal Coordinator whilst a full-time member of staff was appointed.  The work included setting up and running training sessions for teachers, developing and managing projects and coordinating vocal work in the county.

Hampshire County Council – Providing independent consultancy support to the Arts and Museums Service in the appointment of a new organisation(or consortium of organisations) to deliver a music programme in the county from January 2013 to March 2015.  The work involved assessing bids received and making recommendations for interview; being part of the interview panel; working with the appointed organisation(s) to develop the programme of activity; and writing a number of reports for council staff and councillors.

Kent Music – A short research project in preparation for the creation of the Music Education Hub for Kent in September 2012.  The key aim of the research was to identify and map the provision of opportunities for ‘Children in challenging circumstances’ in the county to ensure that musical activities delivered by the hub reach all children and young people.  Subsequently I prepared a strategy for the Hub including a plan for the implementation of specific projects and the setting up of an advisory group.

Hampshire Music Service – Developing and facilitating the first meeting of the Hampshire Music Education Hub partners in July 2012.  Working closely with Hampshire Music Service to ensure the meeting is of real value to all those attending and that new and existing partnership discussions around the delivery of the Music Education Hub aims and requirements can take place.

Arts Council England – Music Education Hubs Consultant – Between November 2011 and March 2012 I was asked to act as a consultant supporting and advising national and regional Arts Council Managers as they work with the Music Education sector on the implementation of the government's National Plan for Music Education, and specifically the setting up of a network of Music Education Hubs.  The work involved providing advice and intelligence to staff as well as supporting them at regional briefing events and creating a set of FAQs for the website.

Music Partnership Projects – As part of an overall investment by the previous government of £332m for Music Education (which included Sing Up), the Department for Education (DfE) invited local authorities in partnership with Arts Council England Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) to bid to run a 1-year Music Partnership Project (MPP).  In total 10 projects were funded over two years (5 per year) and I was asked by the DfE to facilitate three meetings for the five partnerships per year as well as support the appointment of the second year's partnerships and facilitate a meeting each year of the MPP evaluators.  Having completed this facilitation work, in 2011 I was asked to pull together a report based on the ten evaluation reports from the partnerships which would support the National Plan for Music Education and the development of Music Education Hubs following recommendations from the Henley Review.  The report is available as a pdf here.

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