To work or not to work… that is the question

As we head into the next three weeks I am faced with a dilemma.  I have lots of work to do (which as a freelance consultant is great) but there are four bank holidays in the space of 11 days meaning that officially there are just 7 working days in the next 17! 

Time off when you are not going away and you work from home can be tricky… but then there is always the allotment and garden to tend, books to read and of course recipes to try having been inspired by Masterchef (my choux buns worked a treat last night!).  However, with a husband deep in study mode as he prepares a set of tests for his PhD experiment which starts soon, I am wondering if it would make more sense to work whilst the work is there and the deadlines are getting closer.

Ever since I began work as a freelance consultant I have found bank holidays a little strange.  They seem to creep up on you unawares (although this year everyone is talking about them because of their increased number) and create Jekyll and Hyde feelings.  Part of you is saying 'everyone else will be on leave so I could get so much work done without the phone and email constantly distracting me' but the other part says 'it's a day off, I should take the opportunity to catch up with friends, go for a walk, sleep in till noon'.

I guess with so many holidays in such a short space of time this year I could probably satisfy both arguments, as I expect will others – both freelance and indeed some employed colleagues with deadlines to meet.  However I do sort of miss that wonderful feeling I had when employed and a Bank Holiday loomed in the diary with the promise of a three-day weekend and a shorter working week.  Of course as a freelancer I have the opportunity to take a day off whenever I like – work permitting – but it isn't quite the same.

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