Launching a website… really?!

It has taken much longer than I had originally planned to create and publish a website. Indeed I am still not sure if I am emotionally ready to shout about myself across the fiberoptics, but at the same time I am aware that my email address implies there is a website! I also know that whilst google-ing my name will hopefully find some references to me and perhaps even – with some searching – help someone to find my email or other contact details, is it not better to have that information on a site which also tells anyone who is looking for me what I actually do?

But what do I do? Now there is a question…. Almost has hard to answer as ‘what is your website for?’ (a question a few colleagues, and my excellent website designer (Peter Ashton) have asked me in the last couple of months).

Well – to answer the slightly easier one of what is my website for – I hope it will provide contacts and colleagues the opportunity to find out what I am doing, what I’ve done, and to keep in touch (I have every intention to keep ‘blogging’ – but only if I get a sense that it is something people might really want to read – even if only occasionally).  But also for the people I don’t know – the people who are told ‘oh yes, you should get in touch with Bridget, she will be able to help you/give you advice/might be just the person you need for that piece of work’.  Of course I have yet to see if it will, but that is the hope.

So, what do I do?  Hopefully the pages of this website go some way to help answer that question, but I would also venture to say… ‘what do you need done?’. As you might notice from my list of previous clients, I’ve done quite a bit in the last 16 years as a freelance consultant, and add to that the years in employment too and I would hope the word ‘flexible’ or ‘adaptable’ might come to mind.

I know what I don’t do – drink coffee, eat custard, understand the off-side rule – but I am willing to have a go at most things… including creating and publishing a website, and starting a regular blog.

Let me know what you think – the good, bad and ugly are all welcome and needed.


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